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Matt - 12/26/2002 at 01:30 AM

Some thoughts on Duane by myself and some friends. Feel free to add your own.


Standing on a corner, in a place I've never been
My mind races back to another time
I was so much younger then.
Walking down a lonely street, that I've never walked before
My heart seems to know the way
It's leading me once more
And I know just why I came here, as so many others have
This isn't just another town,
To me, it's my Grace Land
I felt the Spirit moving me, drawing me to here
And a part of me was born again
When I went up to Rose Hill
And so it is, I've made my peace, with a man I never knew
And I thanked him for the music,
It was all that I could do.
Matt Barranti - October 1998

Singular vision...ability to communicate to others where he wanted to dedication to the music and his Brothers of the Road. If most of us could adopt one of these characteristics, we'd be happy. Those who have heard recordings of Duane Allman are the benefactors of Duane's natural ability and singular desire to hone the gift.
Thoughts about Duane... By Kirk Anderson, President, Georgia Allman Brothers Band Association. (GABBA)

"From the time I was a small child I have been facinated by the sound of a well-played guitar, and in all of my forty-two years there have only been a handful of artists who have created an impression upon my very soul so massive that it can never be washed away. There's Eric Clapton, Johnny Winter, Toy Caldwell, Warren Haynes, and the ring-leader- the late great Duane Allman. To me, Allman was a visionary, a musical genius whose flame burned with such intensity, it was bound to burn out quickly. To die at such a young age and still leave behind the legacy of recorded work he provided is,to say the least, astounding. From the magic of his slide work on the "Fillmore East" album, to the excellent guitar playing on the available bootleg recordings, and the infamous acoustic rehearsal recorded in the living room at The Big House, Duane Allman never once failed to deliver. Today, people toss the word legend around like a damned football, but ladies and gentlemen, if there is such a thing as a legend, Duane Allman is one. Roll on, gypsy. Roll on."
Michael B. Smith

Duane Allman was a rare individual who brought insight and innovation into his music. He was wise enough to learn from others, but he was smart enough to realize he had something of his own to give. A rare combination. There aren't many who can touch me in the way Duane did. I never knew him personally or in concert, but he is a big part of my life. It's been said before, but we all feel this way: 'Wail on Skydog!!!'
Glenn White,
Hittin' the Note

duane-allman - 1/1/2003 at 11:40 PM

Where do I start?
Personally, Duane was very INTENSE. Never did anything half-way. In the Muscle Shoals sessions, he had the Fender Amp cranked as loud as it would go, and someone remarked that it was like the second coming!!!! He was very passionate. His attention span wasn't long and he was very intelligent.
He taught me that you could learn something from everyone- **** or not.
He inspired musicians around him to push the limits that they previously thought were unattainable.
Business-wise, he shared that if you don't take care of your own business, no one else will take care of it as well as you.
He could be as charming as anyone, as brotherly as someone you've known forever, but it definitely was never boring around him.
His legacy of musical work left for us to enjoy is awesome. Everything from Herbie Mann's Push-Push, to Wilson Pickett's Hey Jude, to Johnny Jenkin's Down Along the Cove to any night with the Brothers and of course, his Charlie Parker "Bird" at the end of Layla. He was so proud of that. I wish someone had recovered the tapes of his acoustic work and slide acoustic work before time and the elements got to them. Ah memories................
I believe that if his spirit watches over things, that it is smiling at what Gregg has accomplished, not just musically but personally. He was Gregg's number one fan and could visualize where he thought Gregg could go. Of course, he encouraged me too as a musician to keep playing and expanding my dreams. I am thankful to have spent too-brief a time with Duane personally, but what he left behind continues to inspire........

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