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BigSixPeachHead - 11/30/2002 at 10:37 PM

Guess I'll start....

First of all Hi to everyone and welcome to the Matt Barranti Band and congratulations on this great site.

My name is Karen Bomberry, I'm 38 & counting, married with 3 awesome children and 1 amazing grandson. We're waiting on grandbaby #2 that is now overdue and will update this sentence at the appropriate time.

We live in Ontario, Canada and am a Native American of the Cayuga/Seneca Nations of the Iroquois Tribe. We live on the Six Nations Reserve, hence the "BigSix" start in my handle.

Huge supporter of great music and travel alot to hear it. Matt Barranti Band is one of the bands we love so. Will do whatever we can to make sure the "general public" is aware of the great music out there.

My interests is music, music and more music. Well a couple others too like hockey, lacrosse, making jewellery and playing piano/keyboard.

Guess that's about it, oh we have 2 dogs too

Have a great day and an even better night

Later, Karen

alexajohn - 9/14/2011 at 02:12 PM

i read this and i must say that your life may be full of happiness because of your 3 awesome and sweet children and your amazing grandson

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