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Dave Diamond is a very talented multi instrumentalist. He has has toured and recorded with a number of great artists, such as the Zen Tricksters, Jason Crosby, Rainbow Trout, MJ12, Blowup Hollywood, Liz Pisco, Wide Awake, and many others. Dave also leads the band Pozzy Ghuru, as well as his own solo projects.

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Jason Crosby
Four Chords And Seven Notes Ago
Jeff Snipe and Dave Diamond - Drums
Media Type: CD

On Four Chords..., Jason Crosby shines on keys, trumpet, and violin, and his playing and writing combines the eclectic flair and sophistication of the new Southern fusion. Drummers JEFF SIPE and DAVE DIAMOND are game for all the different spins: The first three songs veer from avant-garde to smooth Southern soul to Zappa-ish Latin, yet somehow the stew works. Diamond’s sticking on "Out Of The Box" is pure Headhunters funk, laying perfectly with Crosby’s clavinet. And Sipe is a premier jamming, conjuring drummer who can burn on a dime ("Bumblebutt"), sneak in the subtle licks ("Georgie’s Conscience"), and lay down a mean groove ("Love’s In Need").

Robin Tolleson

March 2004 Modern Drummer Magazine

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