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Hittin' The Web with Matt Barranti Forum
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Author: Subject: Please get this message to Matt! Thanks.

Peach Pit

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Registered: 7/14/2003
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  posted on 7/14/2003 at 01:47 PM
Hey Matt. How's it goin'? My name is Jim Gallagher. A drummer friend of mine from out at The MouseTrap suggested that I get in touch with you. He said you may be in the market for a guitarist? If so... drop me a line or give me a call on my cell. 412-654-6566.
I'm 39 yrs young. Been playing guitar and singing all my life. I live in Carnegie, have pro gear (PRS, Brian Moore, Taylor, etc...) pro attitude, my own PA and recording gear, etc...
I used to front a cover band called AREA 51 a few years ago. Played at the Trap a lot. Maybe you remember us. Well... like I said, if you're lookin' I'd be interested in checking out the gig. Hope to hear from you and Thanks! Take Care.

Jim Gallagher or


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