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Building the Definitive List

Matt has been involved with a wide-range of projects and we aim to provide you with the full story here. If you know of any recordings we're missing, even if he just made a guest appearance on a single song, let us know and we'll add it here. Together we'll bring his discography full circle.

Your Comments

Matt Barranti would love to know what you think of concerts and CDs by the band and its individual artists. Our Reviews section is one of many places on this site where your voice is immediately heard. Others are The Street Wizards and the Media Gallery.

Thanks for being there! We look forward to making beautiful music together!

Summary of Discography

Here's Matts discography, followed by links to reviews:

ArtistRelease DateRecordingReview
Matt Barranti2000 "Jammin' in the Forest"
Matt Barranti1999 "Anthology"Review
Matt Barranti1996 "Live at the Bay County Hotel"

Guest Appearances:
  • Mike Gallagher "Allegheny Home" 1983 Recorded and Mixed at Jeree Recording Studios
  • Paul Heagy "Was it Good for You Too" Independent Release 1986
  • Gashouse Annie: "He's a Rambler" Independent Release 2001 Click to hear

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Home :: Tour Dates :: Guest Book :: Forum :: Links :: Pictures 

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